Tragedy at the Memorial weekend Ride -A Thought


A grand time was had by all at the recent 900 plus horse trail ride.

And true to form I was up, with my team, till 4.:30 a.m Sunday morning,very successfully  treating horses that had succumbed to the heat and my first blog’s subject.

I had kept my eye on the weather forecast earlier in the week and had placed extra supplies on the clinic truck in preparation for the predicted extreme heat and humidity.

But sadness struck later Sunday when an evening telephone call alerted me to the death of one of   one of the ride’s-participants.

It seems he was found dead in his trailer’s living quarters there may have been a generator involved?

Let us all be safe, meet, visit, socialize, and be our neighbors brother and sister keeping everyone safe.

Generators are they really necessary on a trail-ride? ?

What ever happened to roughin it?,…. getting in touch with the simple things in LIFE. and NATURE.

Is not the reason we all meet somewhere out of telephone range to have fellowship and enjoy our horses …to leave it all???

Dr. Fred