Reducing equine medical conditions on the trail. Part  3

The North Carolina Brinkleyville Hunt Club sponsors a ride that should be on your calendar

The trails are good, the food is excellent and plenty, a water wagon

is available to deliver water to your camp, live music, dance floor.

The Club members go out of their way to make sure everyone has a good safe time.

The morning of the 2011 ride something strange happened. As folks were tacking up,

four horses at different camps collapsed within minutes of being cinched.

All were still tied to their respective trailers.

When something like this happens cool heads must prevail SAFETY-FIRST…

When there is a half ton of down and anxious horse flesh-plenty of

opportunity for human and horse injury exists.

The combination of quickly loosening the cinch-(Cutting is dangerous) and releasing

the trailer ties resulted in quick recoveries.  No horse, person, or tack was injured.

I kept my eye on these horses and examined them as the ride progressed.

Most of the horses started and completed the ride without incident.

There are many plausible theories on why this happened.

  1. Unconditioned horses
  2. Barn soured
  3. Painful backs/legs
  4. POOR fitting tack
  5. The Moon-my favorite

Be careful…

Horses can, do and will inflict harm, at times fatal, to themselves, other horses, and handlers